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When I was a child, Nana made two batches of iced tea every morning, sweet and regular.  We sipped tea all day from colorful aluminum tumblers as we went about our business.  On chilly days, we enjoyed hot tea.  It warmed our hands and soothed our souls. We would talk as we admired our fancy hand painted china cups and embroidered napkins.  Homework seemed easier accompanied by a cup of tea, fresh fruit and biscuits.  The world seemed to spin a bit slower and its inhabitants a tad more gracious.

My love of tea has been a lifelong journey.  The hectic pace of my career transformed the simple ritual of afternoon tea into a luxurious reboot; a momentary escape from chaos.  Travel became a reason to visit to tea parlors and shops.  The 5,000-year history of tea is fascinating. There is so much to learn and enjoy about the customs, rituals and art of tea!  Tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world next to water, according to The Tea Association.  So it is also a great product to sell.

As each new generation matures they discover and reinvent tea to make it their own.  Millennials intuitively understand tea is a healthy, cost effective, alternative to mass produced, carbonated sugary beverages.  Its antioxidants and healing properties are a gateway to mindfulness. Tea sales are growing. Tea parties are seeing a revitalization that rivals the Victorian Age.

I am blessed to be able to share the tradition of tea. Whether I’m placing a cup in the hands of my grandchildren and hearing them say, ‘Thank you Nana’ or pouring a cup for new friends, it always brings me joy. Thank you for joining me as I share the joy, customs and health benefits of tea.  Please contact me today to schedule a tea party or to learn about career opportunities with Steeped Tea. 





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